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ILDCEO Community Development Block Grant EDP – Direct Assistance. Program can make grant funds available to qualifying business projects that make investments and create jobs in Illinois. 

  • Allowable expenditures:  The business may use funds in the form of a grant for “direct benefit” of the business as follows: Acquisition of land or building; purchase or installation of fixtures and equipment; construction, reconstruction, installation or rehabilitation of commercial or industrial buildings, structures and other real property; leasehold improvements; and working capital expenses (e.g. inventory, employee salaries, general operating expenses and advertising/marketing expenses.  
  • Funding levels: Direct Assistance: $25,000 per FTE created and $10,000 per FTE retained, not to exceed $1 million or 50% of the project. 
  • Eligible applicants:  Local governments in HUD non-entitlement communities or counties, who pass thru funds as a grant to company with an eligible project. 
  • Special Requirements: 51% of the jobs created/retained must be filled by persons of low to moderate income and the company must exhibit a need for assistance. The company cannot undertake any site limiting activities, make any public announcements, nor incur any costs pursuant to the proposed project until the grant application approval/award process is complete. A minimum of 60 days should be allowed for the aforementioned process. 

Waterloo Beautification Program. The city of Waterloo wishes to redevelop the city as a shopping and entertainment destination for visitors and local residents. This program will provide funds to encourage commercial property owners to improve their buildings’ “curb appeal” as well as provide grants to beautification projects for properties within the city limits as deemed appropriate.

  • Eligible Applicant Properties. The property shall be located within the limits of the city of Waterloo.  The improvements to be made must be pre-approved through submission of an application reviewed by the Beautification Committee and approved by City Council.  Applications will also be reviewed by the Building Inspector.
  • Funding Levels. The city of Waterloo will match approved improvements dollar for dollar up to $7,500 (50/50) and dollar to three dollars for an additional $7,500 (25/75) for approved projects. 
  • Eligible Expenditures. Only expenses actually incurred (documented by receipts or lien waivers) are eligible to be reimbursed; additionally, all labor costs associated with projects proposed for reimbursement must comply with the City’s Prevailing Wage Ordinance and Illinois State Law.  Program funds may only be used  to reimburse costs for labor paid at no less than said prevailing wage ordinance rates (documented by the property owner) and to pay for materials.
  • Special Requirements. All improvements must be completed within six months of approval by City Council.  This period may be extended once by vote of the City Council. Improvements not completed within this timeframe will be ineligible for matching funds. 

Business Attraction Prime Sites. The intent of this program is to help companies with large-scale capital investment projects that  commit to significant job creation. 

  • Eligible applicants: Businesses  relocating to or expanding operations in IL and operating in one of the following industries: Agribusiness and Ag tech; Energy; Information Technology; Life Science and Healthcare; Manufacturing; Transportation and Logistics (AND) confirmed eligible for EDGE, HIB, MICRO, (OR) REV.
  • If EDGE approved: must hire min of 50 employees that are IL residents  and make a  $140M investment; OR  create 100 new jobs  and $20M investment
    • If HIV approved: hire min 50 employees that are IL residents and make investment of  $40M (OR) create 100 new jobs and make $20M investment.
    • If REV or MICRO approved, no min. hiring or investment requirements.
  • Funding Levels.  50% of the total eligible capital expenses for the project. (1:1 match requirement). $5K per new job  for EDGE,  HIB, MICRO Tier 1. $10K per new  job and $5K for retained job for REV Tier 2 and Micro Tier 2.   Max of  $25 M for REV and  MICRO. Max of  $10M for EDGE and HIB. 
  • Eligible projects. New construction and renovation  of industrial and commercial facilities. including associated  infrastructure improvements  and the purchase and installation of durable equipment. (Not eligible: construction or renovation of facilities to be used as warehouses.)
  • Eligible Expenses: Architectural planning and engineering design; land and building acquisition; site selection, preparation and improvement; utility work; new construction of buildings and structures; reconstruction or improvement of existing buildings; original furnishings and durable equipment, including scientific, instruments and apparatuses with a long useful life.  (Not eligible: operational expenses; lease payments  for rental of equipment or facilities; cost of staff or resident labor and material outside of projection construction; expenditures to acquire or construct temporary facilities; purchase of automobiles, trucks, farm equipment, boats or rolling stock; livestock or laboratory animals.)
  • Funding Availability. Reviewed on a rolling basis until June 30, 2024 (could  be extended).