MCILEDC staff are ready to show you the many advantages of a southwest Illinois location. We work with companies, corporate real estate executives, and site location consultants that are considering the area for a business relocation or expansion.
MCILEDC can help you determine the best location to relocate your company or expand your operations. We have access to available buildings and land, as well as connections with outstanding real estate companies and brokers. MCILEDC will coordinate a no-fee, streamlined site selection process that meets your project requirements; assesses and brings to the table local, regional, state, and federal incentives to offset your costs; and facilitates state and local permitting, financing programs, labor market and other data. MCILEDC stands ready to help identify the advantages of a location in our region and to aid in your selection process, through the following no-fee services:

  • Help find a suitable site: Using an extensive list of available buildings and sites, staff will coordinate site tours based on your needs. Industrial park locations and maps, as well as county land use maps, are available to assist you with your search or expansion needs.
  • Help to minimize project risk: Will use G.I.S, demographic data, and custom mapping applications to help identify the ideal location for your business, provide analysis and comparisons of utility costs, public transportation availability, and taxes that can affect the cost of doing business inside and outside the region. Will provide up-to-date information on your sites.
  • Connect your business with capital providers: On request, will put you in touch with venture capitalists, banks, and bond financing.
  • Provide access to local, regional, state, and federal financing resources and incentives: MCDEC will help you navigate which programs may fit your project. Staff will do all the legwork to put you in touch with programs and services you are eligible for that meet the needs of your project.  We will work with public and private funding resources at the local, regional, state, and federal level, to compile an offering of services for your consideration that will be instrumental to your site selection decision.  Depending on the project needs, specific location of the project, and availability of funds, this offering could include one or more of the following: Low interest loans and loan guarantees; tax credits and exemptions; public infrastructure financial assistance; energy efficiency incentives; and other financing and business support options like TIF Districts, Business Districts, and business advisory and improvement services.
  • Connect to a vast array of workforce development resources: Introductions to pipelines of potential employees and coordination with local and state training programs to offer customized training, on-the-job training reimbursements, free recruitment, and screening assistance. 
  • Permit Coordination: We will work closely with local jurisdictions to coordinate consistency and clarity for companies pursuing permits. Will serve as your company’s liaison to Illinois’ regulatory agencies and local governments throughout the region.
  • Transportation Assistance: Coordination with railroads and the Illinois Department of Transportation, as needed to support project requirements.
  • Customize demographic and economic information: Will gather info and develop reports for areas of interest such as workforce availability and size, wage rates, major employers and occupations, and others as requested.
  • Utility rate analysis: Work with utility companies in coordination of rate analysis, for water, sewer, gas, electric, and telecommunications, based on company usage and projected growth.
  • After Care Services: To enhance the stability and growth of your business after relocation, MCILEDC’s “Business Retention and Expansion” services will be available to ensure continued job creation and growth.

Feel free to contact us to facilitate a seamless site selection process.