Our region is quickly becoming recognized as a booming location for businesses. Whether expansion of a current site, or development of a new site, our access to all four major modes of transportation, central location, and dedication to economic development, have placed us at the top of the list for many companies and site selectors.

The following is brief list of our top industrial employers who are proud to call this region ‘home’. Although this listing only contains companies in the light industrial, warehouse and distribution, manufacturing, or corporate headquarters categories, our service area is fortunate to have an abundance of many other businesses that continue to grow, prosper, and expand, while meeting the needs of their customers. Each and every business within our region, no matter if it is a retail business, commercial, service oriented, distribution center, or manufacturing, contributes to the continued economic prosperity and quality of life the citizens of our region have been able to experience. Is there room for new business development? Absolutely!

Gateway Farm Service: Waterloo Blend Plant

Established: 1939
Contact: Ronnie Rodenberg, Branch Manager
Address: 829 Gall Road, Waterloo, IL 62298
Phone: 618-939-8237
# of employees: 5 (100 across all Gateway FS locations)
Product: Farm product warehousing and storage

Luhr Bros, Inc.

Established: 1939
Contact: Bill Gardner
Address: 250 W. Sandbank Rd, Columbia, IL 62236
Phone: 618-281-4106
# of employees: 50 (400 across all locations)
Product: Delivery, unloading, & placement of stone

Budnick Converting Inc.

Established: 1952
Contact: Ann Wegman, President
Address: 340 Parkway Dr. Columbia, IL 62236
Phone: 618-281-8090 or 800-282-0090
# employees: 101 in St. Louis area
Product: Adhesive Tape and flexible materials conversion

B & H Machine Inc.

Established: 1990
Contact: Robert Wooter, President
Address: 251 Southwoods Ctr, Columbia, IL 62236
Phone: 618-281-3737
# employees: 10
Product: Cutting die specialists

Butler Supply

Established: 1941
Contact: Justin Monahan, Manager
Address: 4247 Hanover Rd, Columbia, IL 62236
Phone: 618-939-9191
# employees: 7 (25 other locations in IL-MO)
Product: Electric & plumbing supplies distribution

Crown Linen Services Inc.

Established: 1891
Contact: Ted Williams, Manager
Address: 322 E. Industrial Dr., Columbia, IL 62236
Phone: 618-281-9099
# of employees: 99 across two locations
Product: Linen and uniform rental services

Hoya Vision Care

Established: 1978 (as Mueller Optical)
Contact: Eric Mueller, Branch Manager
Address: 301 Vision Dr, Columbia, IL
Phone: 618-281-3344
# of employees: 175
Product: Ophthalmic goods manufacturer

Columbia Quarry Co.

Established: 1906
Contact: Clyde Trexler, President
Address: 200 State Rte. 158, Columbia IL
Phone: 518-281-7631
# of employees: 60 (Dupo, Columbia, Waterloo)
Crushed & broken limestone

Maverick Technologies

Established: 1999
Contact: Paul Galeski
Address: 265 Admiral Trost Rd., Columbia, IL
Phone: 618-281-9100
# of employees: 167 (400 across 14 primary locations in U.S.)
Product: Manufacturing system integration and automation

Mozel Chemical Blending and Packaging

Established: In St. Louis 1931
Contact: Joe Antolik, General Manager
Address: 1900 West Gate Drive, Columbia, IL
Phone: 618-281-3040
# of employees: 96
Product: Wholesale chemical blending

Quantum Solutions

Established: 1997
Contact: Dale Frey, President
Address: 504 Dd Road, Columbia IL
Phone: 618-281-9574
# of employees: 17 (with offices also in Dallas TX, Long Beach CA, Chicago)
Product: Control system design & automation integration

The Miller Group

Established: 1998
Contact: Randy Castle, President
Address: 1610 Design Way, Dupo, IL
Phone: 636-343-5700
# of employees: 50
Product: Wholesale store fixtures

Kuna Food Service

Established: 1994
Contact: Daniel Bippen, President
Address: 704 Industrial Drive, Dupo, IL
Phone: 618-286-4000
# of employees: 105
Product: Poultry and poultry products

Gateway Food Products Co.

Established: 1952
Contact: John Crosley, President
Address: 1728 N. Main, Dupo, IL
Phone: 618-286-4844
# of employees: 12
Product: Cooking oils

Barnes Pipe & Steel

Established: 1990
Contact: James Barnes, President
Address: 737 Prairie Du Pont, Dupo, IL
Phone: 618-286-4110
# of employees: 23
Product: Iron and steel pipe products

Progressive Recovery Inc.

Established: 1983
Contact: Daniel Marks, President
Address: 700 Industrial Drive, Dupo, IL
Phone: 618-286-5000
# of employees: 60
Product: Fluid Process systems

B & R Recycling

Established: 2010
Contact: Brian Henry, Partner
Address: 700 Industrial Drive, Dupo, IL
Phone: 618-286-6602
# employees: 2
Product: Refuse system

Basic Industries

Established: 1970
Contact: Roger Hottenrott
Address: 351 S. Main, Hecker, IL
Phone: 618-473-2531
# of employees: 5
Product: Precision machine & specialized rollers

Nu-Deal Corporation.

Established: 1973
Contact: Joe Gregson, President
Address: 5705 State Rt. 156, Hecker, IL
Phone: 618-473-2476
# employees: 6
Product: Bulk station and terminal

MAR Graphics

Established: 1961
Contact: Rick Roever, President
Address: 523 S. Meyer Ave., Valmeyer, IL
Phone: 800-851-4460
# ofemployees: 90
Product: Printing services

Blue Line Foodservice Distribution

Established: 2013
Address: 1423 Boulder Blvd., Valmeyer, IL
Phone: 618-935-2500
# employees: 30
Product: Food-Home Delivery

Baxmeyer Construction Inc.

Established: 1959
Contact: David Baxmeyer, President
Address: 1034 Floraville Rd., Waterloo, IL
Phone: 618-939-3000
# of employees: 30
Product: Heavy highway construction

Commerce Pipe & Steel Co.

Established: 1978
Contact: Wanda Mechler, President
Address: 8587 D Rd., Waterloo, IL
Phone: 618-939-9000
# of employees: 4
Product: Steel Fabricator, Pipe supplier

Omega Products Inc.

Established: 1981
Contact: Bill Ebeler, President
Address: 502 Walnut St, Waterloo, IL 62298
Phone: 618-939-3445
# of employees: 7
Product: Stainless doors and showers

Monroe County Electric Cooperative

Established: 1938
Contact: Alan Masterson
Address: 6132 State Route 3, P.O. Box 128, Waterloo, IL 62298
Phone: 618-939-3445
# of employees: 30
Product: Electric

Schwarze Trailer Repair, Inc.

Established: 2001
Address: 5925 IL-3, Waterloo, IL 62298 and 3004 Long Lake Rd, Valmeyer, IL 62295
Phone: 618-939-7728
# of employees:
Product: truck and trailer repair

Intertel, Inc.

Established: 1992
Address: 11800 Old Bluff Rd. Columbia, IL 62236
Phone: 800-791-7776
# of employees: 150
Product: Medical canvassing

MAC Medical, Inc.

Established: 1998
Address: 200 Admiral Weinel Blvd. Columbia, IL 62236
Phone: 618-476-3550
# of employees: 140
Product: Medical equipment