Access to an adequate skilled workforce is paramount to the success of any business. Our region’s talent pool runs deep and we stand ready to meet your every employment need for the following reasons.

Adequate pool of workers.

  • According to a 2016 real-time talent supply report by CEB targeting job seekers in the St. Louis MO-IL MSA, approximately 60,000 individuals are looking for work in manufacturing, 19,000 in warehousing, 13,000 in office positions, and 47,000 in sales. In our portion of the MSA alone, there are 18,000 candidates looking for a new job opportunity.
  • Strategic ties with the local workforce development group ensures that free recruitment services are available to find new employees.

Labor draw broadened due to commuting patterns.

  • Based on recent data from the United States Census Bureau, there is a general willingness to travel for employment. Approximately 50% of the workers are driving from outside the region. Worker commuting patterns ensure a steady flow of qualified workers from a large metro area.

Growing population.

  • The MCILEDC service area features a growing population with the largest per capita growth of all metropolitan area counties.

Qualified Pool of Workers

  • An educated workforce featuring 90% with high school diplomas or higher and approximately 25% of those with bachelor degrees or higher.

Subsequent key strengths of the St. Louis regional workforces include the following:

  • Our well educated and experienced workforce provides added value to warehousing distribution, manufacturing, and e-commerce companies at a competitive price.
  • Our experienced labor pool provides high levels of productivity, exceptional work quality and sales practices.
  • There are currently more than 4,400 firms operating wholesale trade, transportation, and warehousing operations in the St. Louis area (U.S. Census Bureau Economic Census 2012).