Businesses in our region enjoy electric and natural gas rates that are lower than the national average. Our utility costs contribute to making this area and attractive operating environment for business to succeed.

The Public Works Departments of the municipalities in this region provide excellent management of many utilities that your company may be concerned about. There are also outside options for your company to turn to when it comes to utilities.

Electric and Natural Gas:

  • Monroe County Electric Cooperative  is an electric power distribution owner controlled by the members it serves.  Service focuses on unserved areas in Monroe, Randolph, and St. Clair counties. See their website for details on capacity and access.
  • Waterloo electrical services Waterloo electric services provides electric to customers within its city limits. In addition, the City owns and operates a power plant that allows the City to operate independently during an interruption of incoming power. For details visit their website.
  • Waterloo Natural Gas system maintains 88 miles of gas lines and responsible for gas pipe up to meter. For details visit their website.
  • Ameren Illinois provides natural gas and electric services to the balance of the region.
  • Dupo Natural Gas Services provides natural gas services to companies and residents within city limits.


  • Harrisonville Telephone Company (HTC) provides our service area with telephone, high speed internet, and cable services. HTC offers excellent high bandwidth broadband connections to over 95% of the region.  Connectivity options ranging up to 200 Mbps and even HTC Internet 1000 for businesses requiring fiber connections.


  • Reliable Sanitation is a waste removal system serving Monroe, Randolph and St. Clair counties with trash pickup, roll-off service, and recycling programs.

Potable Water:

  • Municipal Water Distribution Systems provide potable water to residents within a city’s limits. For details on capacity and hook-up go to one of the following municipalities as appropriate for your project:
  • Fountain Water District provides potable water directly to unincorporated areas in the region. For more information go to their website.
  • Monroe County Health Department implements a water program for rural areas that don’t have access to a municipal water system to ensure new water wells are constructed according to State Code guidelines.


  • Municipal Sewage Systems. For more information on capacities and hook-ups contact the public works department in the municipality you wish to locate:
  • Monroe County Health Department runs a private sewage disposal program for rural areas without access to a municipal sewage system to ensure all are constructed according to State code. guidelines.