The Monroe County Economic Development Corporation’s (MCILEDC) service area is located in southwest Illinois portion of the St. Louis MO-IL MSA. The region embodies a cooperative spirit and strong support network offering a vibrant business climate that enables industries to flourish. The following rankings demonstrate the strength of our pro-business environment:

  • Region is 7th statewide, in standard of living and median household incomes; 2nd in the St. Louis metro area.
  • Our state ranks 3rd on Site Selection Magazine’s annual corporate expansions list for 2016.
  • Region lies just across the river from the 20th largest metropolitan area in the US, St. Louis.
  • St. Louis Mo-IL ranked 4th by Site Selection Magazine for corporate project activity along the Mississippi River Corridor in 2016.
  • St. Louis region ranks 10th most cost competitive to do business.

The success of businesses in our region is the result of many forces, new and old, coming together. From business-friendly policies to competitive incentives, the MCILEDC region provides a welcome home for companies looking to start, expand, or locate because of the following.

A collaborative environment that creates business success.
MCILEDC has cultivated solid relationships across the region, including business and community leaders, elected officials, industry councils, and economic development professionals, to increase the region’s global competitiveness, by addressing the current and future needs of our diverse businesses, entrepreneurs, and workforce. Our county and municipal units of government are collaborative and cooperative, progressive, smart growth, and life quality focused.

Skilled employee pool.
Part of the inherent ease of doing business in our region is its bounty of skilled workers. The area attracts and retains a highly stable population of skilled workers which ensure high productivity for businesses. Refer to our “Doing Business Here “link for more detail.

Low business costs.
Our region is teeming with opportunities for businesses. Overall, the costs of doing business in our state are much lower when compared to other parts of the country. The statistics below show that we are committed as a region, and as a state, to helping businesses become successful, profitable, assets to its communities.

  • Reasonable unemployment insurance rates.
  • Competitive local utility rates.
  • Competitive land prices.
  • Competitive corporate income tax rate – 7.0%.
  • Low personal income tax – 4.95%.
  • Tax free personal property.
  • Low crime rates.
  • Low commercial energy rates 8.72 cents/kWhExcellent fire response time and ISO-rating.
  • High band-width broadband connections to all parts of the region with speeds up to 200 Mbps, up to 1 Gbps in many areas and over 15,000 strand miles of fiber optic – and growing.

Regional organizations and state resources that spur growth.
The existence of the MCILEDC is another indicator of the region’s pro-business commitment. By advancing initiatives that promote the success of both new and existing businesses, the MCILEDC helps to establish and maintain an environment where businesses of all types can thrive.

The dynamic pro-business climate in the region is also supported by corporate tax incentives, workforce development programs, public infrastructure assistance, exporting assistance, an entrepreneurial network of resources, and other features designed to give area businesses a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

In sum, our region is a place where both businesses and people can thrive, a place where people can live and work. There are numerous available, suitable properties for development, or expansion in the region with supporting infrastructure nearby. We are open for business and eager to talk. Please don’t hesitate to call the Executive Director at 618-939-8681 ext 309